Write Better, Feel Better

Creative writing has side effects; learn how to write better and how writing can help you feel better.

Based on Ellen Szabo’s ‘Creative Writing for Social Work’ seminars at the University of Iowa, this workshop introduces concepts in the field of therapeutic writing, and provides inspiration, insightful feedback and support for anyone who has a story they wish to tell. 

  • learn about the origin and practice of therapeutic writing
  • discover stories hidden inside you
  • vanquish judgements or discouragement of past writing
  • discover the joy of writing from intuition rather than cognition
  • feel better by transforming the meaning of the stories you tell yourself

Previous writing experience is not necessary, focus is on exploration, personal investigation, and discovery of each person’s unique writing voice.

$75 for early registration (until September 25)

$95 for later registration (between September 26 and October 12)

Registration closes October 12.

For more information contact Ellen Szabo 

[email protected]